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MECUAI is a decentralized network that connects blockchains, similar to how the internet connects computers.

With MECUAI, you can mine. You can run your own smartnodes, and you can buy and sell your MECU to others.

MecuAI Revolutionary PoW and PoS Layer-1 Blockchain with Unlimited Scalability

MecuAI Components

MecuAI is designed to maximize interoperability between different blockchains through the use of these components. Just as the internet connected computers, the MecuAI Networks is critical for blockchains to communicate and realize full potential.
Connecting Wallets


MecuWallet is an simple and secure wallet to earn, buy, store and stake MECU. Industry-leading security keeps your funds safe.

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Connecting Blockchains


MecuExplore is a tools to see all the list of verified MecuAI transactions, smartnodes known to be active on MecuAI network, Network peers that have connected to the explorer node and Verify ownership of your MECU wallet address and set a custom display name in MecuExplorer.

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The MecuAI Network

MecuAI is governed by the community, for the community, without a centralized entity.
The project supports its own development through the self-funding mechanism.


MecuAI is self-governed by its stakeholders, meaning that stakers, token-holders, Service Node operators and others with a stake in the blockchain have the ability to make decisions together.


MecuAI is an open sourced, self-funded, and self-governed project with dedicated contributors around the world.
Find out how you can get involved in the project.

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MecuAI is powered by a network of Service Nodes and Staking Nodes.
Service Nodes are the computational power behind all the MecuAI capabilities while Staking Nodes protect the network via our smartnodes system.

MecuAI Specifications

MecuAI Revolutionary PoW and PoS Layer-1 Blockchain.



Total Supply


Block Speed

2 Minute

Block Reward


Proof of Works




Development Project


Smartnode Collateral

15,120 MECU

Development Roadmap

Q3 2023

mainnet launch on September, 2023.

Available on Mining Pools

Listed on Exchange

Q4 2023

Create Whitepaper

Investigation into blockchain technology

Listed on Exchange

Q1 2024

Assemble core team and advisors

Creation of Foundation structure

Expand engineering and business teams

Downloads Wallets

The MecuAI Core Wallet allows you to securely store, transact and stake MECU.

MecuAI Core Wallet (v1.2.6.8)



Linux Ubuntu




MecuAI Whitepapers

MecuAI Exchanges

You can buy MECU on the following exchanges: